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Why work with us

Are you a leader working with a team of 10 to 50 people? Have you already achieved a lot in your business, brought great people on board, and developed great products and services, and yet you still feel that the organization is not living up to its full potential?

Do you feel that things used to work well in the past but as the business grew, weaknesses in key processes and systems are becoming apparent? Do you know that something needs to be done, and want to be confident about what you should tackle next but with the demands of the daily business there is just not enough time and energy to get to it?

Do you think that there is still too much fire-fighting, and you are not able to spend as much time as you want on the things that really matter?

Then our services could interest you because many of our clients have been in that situation.

We are independent advisor working with leaders who want to scale up their business, grow internationally and leave a legacy. but are wondering how the heck they can manage this with all the demands of their daily business.

Together, we will move you from an organization stuck in reactive, fire-fighting mode to one that feels viable, agile and resilient - and is growing internationally.

Our promise is that you see tangible results within 90 days.


Click here to Download the Foundations-for-Growth Toolkit



Click here to Download the Foundations-for-Growth Toolkit

How we can work with you

Free Coaching Call

You want to get an impression if we are the right consultants to help you.

In a free coaching call we can both get an impression if we are a good fit.

We will give you inputs on key strategy execution challenges that you are willing to share with us.

At the end of the call we promise to give you an honest assessment if we feel that we the right team to help you.

You will be surprised how much can be achieved in a 30 minute conversation!

Challenge Workshops

You want get new momentum on your strategic growth initiatives and use an external and independent facilitator for your workshops.

We typically do challenge workshops on the following topics:

  • review growth strategy due to changed market conditions

  • review Asia growth strategy

  • improving strategy execution

  • strategic projects review

  • improving organisational agility

  • improving collaboration between functions and departments

Implementation Support

Your strategy is clear, your projects are in place, the project managers have been appointed and have started their work.

We can provide coaching and hand-on support to your project teams to ensure that the projects stay on track and deliver the results you expect.

This support can range from a few hours per week to full time on-site presence during intensive project phases.

We help you renew your strategy and business model for growth

When organisations reach a size of 40 to 80 employees, they often experience a crisis of growth. To overcome this situation management should have a critical look at the business and operating model.

Symptoms of a crisis of growth are

  • Stagnating profit and revenue, even as new people are brought on board;
  • Management spends most of its time firefighting rather than focusing on strategic topics;
  • Employees do not perform as well as they used to;
  • Declining customer and employee satisfaction.

Agility3 helps Management Teams in identifying the strength and weaknesses of the current business and operating model, and in building sustainable and scalable structures and processes that build a solid foundation for future growth.

Find our more about our Build for Growth service offering by clicking here.

"Get a Grip on your Business" is about management systems and leadership practices

To ensure a healthy and scalable business, it is worthwhile to have a close look at current management systems and leaderhip practices. Three processes need regular attention:

  • Strategy definition process
  • People sourcing and development process
  • Strategy implementation process

Symptoms of sub-optimal leadership practices are:

  • Management feels that employees are not sharing enough responsibility;
  • Employees often complain about lack of stratic clarity
  • Frequently ineffective and boring meetings
  • There is no yearly plan with the most important strategic and operative meetings
  • No agreed and frequently updated talent pipeline

Agility3 helps management teams who want to improve strategy execution by optimising management systems and leadership practices.

„Go East for Growth “ is about the right preparation to grow in Asia

The Asian growth markets are still attractive, not only for large companies, but also for export-ortiented SME. Unfortunately many companies, not only small ones, commit a number of avoidable mistakes in their Asia expansion.

You can download our article (in German) on avoidable mistakes when expanding to Asia by clicking on the link on the sidebar.

Agility3 supports companies with in the following areas related to preparing to grow in Asia:

  • Developing a robust Asia growth strategy
  • Finding the ideal location to grow in Asia
  • Hands-on support of the responsible project manager

On this page you find usefull links to topics related to personal and business growth

Presentations from the Agile Leadship day in Zürich 30. September 2015 (mix of English and German presentations)